Silca HU-VR22 VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda 3 button flip Remote Golf 13-18 (8V)/Fabia 14-20/Leon 12-19 etc

SIL-HUVR22 - In Stock

Aftermarket (Silca) remote with HU66 & HU162 blades. MG/AES 88

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Silca HUVR22 3 button flip remote

WITH 2 BLADES & PIN - HU66 & HU162

Use with a diagnostic programmer (supplied ready to programme to the vehicle)

A quality replacement key at an advantageous price compared with car dealerships.
Silca remote keys have a similar design to the original remote.
Supplied ready to programme with the PCB, transponder and blade included.

Produced in conformity with CE mark European standards.
Can be programmed with Smart Pro or other programming devices
Packed individually in a plastic clamshell for easy identification and hook display.

A3 (8V Gen3) 2012-2019
Q2 (GA Gen1) 2017-2019

Ateca (KH) 2016-2018
Cupra 2016-2017
Ibiza (6J MQB) 2015-2017
Leon (5F) 2012-2019
Toledo (KG) 2013-2019

Fabia (NJ) 2014-2020
Octavia (5E) 2012-2019
Rapid (NH) 2015-2019
Superb (3V) 2015-2023

Crafter (SY/SX) 2018-2024
Golf (5G) 2013-2018
Polo (6R MQB) 2014-2017
Tiguan (5N) 2015-2018
Touran (5T) 2016-2024
T-Roc (A11) 2018-2018

Manufacturer Model Year
Audi A3 2012-2019
Audi Q2 2017-2019
Seat Ateca 2016-2018
Seat Cupra 2016-2017
Seat Ibiza 2015-2017
Seat Leon 2012-2019
Seat Toledo 2013-2019
Skoda Fabia 2014-2020
Skoda Octavia 2012-2019
Skoda Rapid 2015-2019
Skoda Superb 2015-2023
Volkswagen Crafter 2018-2024
Volkswagen Golf 2013-2018
Volkswagen Polo 2014-2017
Volkswagen Tiguan 2015-2018
Volkswagen Touran 2016-2024
Volkswagen T-Roc 2018-2018