Rubber PVC Licensed Key Rings

Colourful licensed key rings featuring characters from Frozen, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, Friends, Despicable Me and more...


A range of colourful Lanyards. Ideal for carrying keys or ID cards.

Pet Discs

Engravable dog discs in brass or nickel plate. Many sizes and designs available.

Split Rings

High quality split rings in brass or nickel plate. Many sizes available.

Key Labels

A simple cheap way to label and batch keys. Available in many colours.

Key Caps

A simple cheap way to identify keys. Available in many colours and designs.

Trolley Coin Key Rings

Always searching for a £1.00 for your trolley - Never again with trolley coin key rings! A big seller!! Available in many designs.

Enamel Key Fobs

Brightens up any bunch of keys! Available in many designs from Winnie The Pooh to The Simpsons.

Novelty Key Fobs

Many different fobs available. Very practical designs.

Luggage Tags

PVC Luggage tags for any holiday destination.