Blackspur 50mm long shackle brass padlock

BLK-PD104 - Out of Stock
Economy padlock - Great value! Body width 50mm, long shackle. PD104

BURG/Sterling 40mm Brass Long Shackle Padlock Magno 400 E HB40 65

STE-BPL242 - In Stock
Solid brass body, hardened shackle. 40mm body width/65mm vertical clearance. BPL

BURG/Sterling 50mm Brass Padlock Long Shackle Magno 400 E HB 50

STE-BPL252 - In Stock
50mm Brass Padlock Long Shackle BPL252 - 80mm shackle height

Burg-Wachter 400 E HB Magno 50mm LONG SHACKLE brass padlock (Keyed alike KA1)

BUR-400EHB50KA1 - In Stock
Solid brass body, hardened shackle. 50mm body width/80mm vertical clearance. Key

LAST OF STOCK Sterling 50mm brass long shackle padlock (KA54)

STE-BPL252KA54 - Out of Stock
Solid brass, hardened steel shackle. 50mm body width, 76mm shackle length.. Keye

Abus 50mm Titalium 64TI series long shackle padlock

ABU-64TI/50LS - Out of Stock
64TI/50LS With hardened steel long shackle. Body width 50mm.

Abus 50mm Combination Long Shackle padlock

ABU-158/50LS - Out of Stock
158/50LS 158 Series Hardened steel long shackle