Replacement lock spring A (Diameter 30mm)

TSM-SPR001 - In Stock
Scroll flat section wire, one hand only. SPR001

Replacement lock spring I (Diameter 28mm)

TSM-SPR005 - In Stock
Lever spring, left hand. SPR005

Mortice sashlock spring J (Diameter 4mm - Coil Length 28mm)

TSM-SPR006 - In Stock
To suit Legge short type. SPR006

Mortice sashlock spring L (Diameter 8mm - Coil Length 13mm)

TSM-SPR007 - In Stock
To suit Errebus spindle. SPR007

Replacement lock spring M (Yale 84)

TSM-SPR008 - In Stock
To suit Yale 84 series locks. SPR008

Mortice sashlock spring N (Wellington)

TSM-SPR009 - Out of Stock
To suit Wellington locks. Diameter 6mm, length 40mm SPR009

Mortice sashlock spring P (Union 2277)

TSM-SPR010 - In Stock
To suit Union 2277, Chubb 3U74 & Yale etc. SPR010

Replacement lock spring Q (Diameter 41mm)

TSM-SPR011 - In Stock
To suit Unican knob return spring. SPR011

Mortice sashlock spring S (Era)

TSM-SPR012 - In Stock
To suit Era SPR012

Replacement lock spring U Left Hand (Diameter 21mm)

TSM-SPR013 - In Stock
Popular lever spring. SPR013