Smart aerial for SmartPro, ADPro and MVPPro (ADC242)

ADV-SMART2 - Out of Stock
Use with smart dongle. Pre-codes ID46 & ID48 transponders

NEW Mercedes Benz EIS (Electrical ignition switch) removal tool

NWK-LPT313 - Out of Stock
MB cylinder claw type extractor tool.

Keyscan Peugeot / Citroen Pin Code Extraction Lead (for non Canbus)

SPD-LEAD01 - In Stock
1410-9401 OBD female connector, battery clips, connection plugs and probes

TDB013 Diagnostic Box ODB Port Protector and Booster

TDB-TDB013 - Out of Stock
To manage the supply voltage to the OBD socket when using diagnotic programmers

TDB003 Diagnostic Box Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester

TDB-TDB003 - Out of Stock
To test the operation of vehicle and key using proximity and smart systems.

TDB014 Diagnostic Box ODB Port Tester

TDB-TDB014 - Out of Stock
To test the OBD socket when using diagnotic programmers

TDB007 Diagnostic Box Peugeot and Citroen Pin Code Wizard

Simple and easy device to extract the pin code.

TDB083 VAG Cable (for lost key VDO Dash)

TDB-TDB083 - Out of Stock
To use with TDB1000 VAG ASSET006

X-Horse Remote Tester (Radio and Infa Red Frequency)

XHR-RTEST1 - In Stock
To read remote fobs to see if the buttons work. Requires 2 x AAA batteries

RPM002 Transponder Coil Tester

NWK-RPM002 - In Stock
Tests the signal from ignition. Flashes a red light when a signal is successful