Keyscan (SP Diagnostics)

The Keyscan has been developed and manufactured by Nyquist (SP Diagnostics) based in the UK. The Key Scan has been designed to be quick and easy to use, it uses one main harness for all 16 pin vehicles and does not use tokens.


As a pc based software, TrueCode can be loaded onto a netbook/laptop and with the diagnostic cable supplied, quickly connected to the vehicle. No internet access is required to use it and no annual tech support or tokens.

Advanced Diagnostics

The market leader in vehicle key and remote programming. AD100Pro, AD100TruckPro and MVPPro programme and delete new keys and remotes, even when all are lost. Reads & clears immobiliser fault codes.

CKM100 Merc/BMW/VAG Programmer

A cost effective solution for programming Mercedes Infra red, BMW and VAG keys. This is a very easy to use kit, requiring only the EIS (electric ignition switch) to be removed for Mercedes programming. Most BMW and VAG vehicles are programmed by OBD.

TDB1000 / The Diagnostic Box

The TDB1000 Advanced diagnostic programmer from The Diagnostic Box Team. For remote and key programming plus pin code reading. No token, modular system.

Diagnostic Programming Accessories

Essential tool kit items when using diagnostic equipment for programming keys and remotes.