Dino Air fighter air wedge

DIN-LPT229 - Out of Stock
The Dino Air fighter wedge made from strong vinly plastic + quick release LPT229

*SPO* Dino locksmith scope- Allows viewing, reading and picking

DIN-LPT364 - Out of Stock
Dino's Navigator 3 in 1 Scope allows viewing and reading wafer lock's functions,

*SPO* HPC Magna Scope

HPC-LPT317 - Out of Stock
For magnifying and illuminating hard to see areas. With 3 specula and carry pouc

*SPO* HPC Lasso car door opener

HPC-LPT221 - Out of Stock
High quality poly flex material with waxed finish, good for luxury vehicles

*SPO* HPC Fishing Pole

HPC-LPT319 - Out of Stock
7ft long. 3 screw on tips - Posi form wire form, super pull & sure pull. LPT319

*SPO* HPC Thru Car Clutch

HPC-LPT320 - Out of Stock
Flexible shaft & retractable hook. Perfect for hooking door handles. LPT320

HPC Ultimate auto wedges

HPC-LPT084 - In Stock
Designed for smooth, safe insertion into door cavities. Maximum thickness 19mm (

HPC Wire loop for 5ft super snare

HPC-LPT086 - In Stock
Replacement wire loop which is easily broken in the 5 foot super snare. LPT086

HPC Power wedge

HPC-LPT085 - Out of Stock
Designed to slide in and open up space beteween top of door & window. LPT085

*SPO* HPC Skinny Twister (includes protective sleeve)

HPC-LPT303 - Out of Stock
Sliders between window and strip where rods won't (thinnest ever) LPT303