Original Mr Li pick & decoders - New and Exclusive designs!

Designed and manufactured by Mr Li - The inventor of 2 in 1 pick and decoders. Many are ignition, door and boot compatible by design. Precision engineered - Premium quality.

Locksmith Tools (General & Auto)

Quality locksmith tools for vehicle and domestic locks. Includes picking tools, overlifter kits and drill bits. Please note all locksmith tools are restricted to BONAFIDE LOCKSMITHS ONLY.

Central Locking Remotes

We stock a wide range of original equipment remote central locking fobs.

Case Only (empty pod)

Empty key cases (pods) for transponder chip to be inserted into. This also enables chips to be re-used from broken or miss-cut keys.

Transponder Chips

Transponder chips for cloning, diagnostic programming and production.

Remote Blades

Key blades manufactured to slot into vehicle remote central locking fobs, for various models.

Remote Repairs (Cases & Button)

Case only empty remotes and replacement buttons.

Transponder Keys (Chipped)

Please note the range of chipped keys we keep in stock has been reduced – this is because it is now cheaper to purchase case only and chip separately.

MH & TK Electronic Cloning Keys

Silca MH key heads and blades for use with the Silca Fast Copy and RW4. Keyline TK heads and blades for use with the 883, 884, Zed-bull, Keycrypt and AD900.


You create the remotes as and when you need them! With the KeyDIY system one single remote can be made into multiple different part numbers!

Metal & Plastic Head Vehicle Keys

Plastic or metal head keys for non-chipped, classic cars, tractors, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, scooters, steering locks, caravans etc.

Silca Smart Remote

Silca vehicle remote production device for producing high quality vehicle remote controls. Range of Smart remotes and full range of Silca FH blades to suit.

Auto Locks & Repair

A damaged lock or lost key does not mean going to the expense of a new lock. The Oyster and ASP range of vehicle locks and repair kits offer a simple inexpensive way to service and supply locks. Replacement lever packs for re-keying.

Battery Boosters

A range of high quality professional level boosters, testers and back up from Schumacher