Ultrasolve cleaning solvent with brush 400ml

RPD-1064 - Out of Stock
Removes grease, oil, flux residues and acrylic coatings from electrical equip.

Autosol flux-cored solder 500g reel (1.2mm)

RPD-6240 - Out of Stock
A high-purity solder.Helps to extend the life of copper soldering iron bits 6240

Surface mount rework flux 12ml pen

RPD-4426 - In Stock
No-clean flux for use when removing and replacing surface mount components. 4426

Replacement soldering bit 0.8mm tip (pointed)

RPD-0969 - In Stock
To suit soldering iron for LF-6000 station. Pointed 0.8mm tip. 0969

Servisol Soldamop 1.5mm braid (10m)

RPD-0622 - Out of Stock
Braided Wick, Soldermop No-Clean, 10m Length, 1.5mm Width. 0622

Tweezer set (4 pack)

RPD-1550 - In Stock
High quality stainless steel. 4 tweezers each 110mm long. 1550

*SPO* Xytronic 25w (240v) soldering iron

RPD-0640 - Out of Stock
Professional quality, thermally balanced mains soldering iron. 0640

*SPO* Servisol contact cleaner 200ml

RPD-0770 - In Stock
Quickly removes tarnish, dirt, grease, dust, oil grime and other deposits. 0770

11 Piece compact tool kit for pcb servicing

RPD-4808 - In Stock
Supplied in a durable black zipped case with elasticated straps. 4808

Xytronic Soldering tip cleaner refill

RPD-0628 - In Stock
Low abrasive brass wool. Superior cleaning of stubborn deposits and oxidisation.