Silca T48 Megamos Crypto cloning chip (VW etc)

SIL-T48 - In Stock
Megamos Crypto ID48 Glass chip for cloning on Silca RW4/M-Box device.

Transponder Chip Box SILCA Cloning (RW4 / Fast Copy)

Use with Silca cloning devices with 46/48 add-ons (8 differs/15 total).

Silca T33 Megamos Crypto T6 chip (cloning 48A & 48K)

MEG-SIL-T33 - In Stock
Use to clone Kia, Hyundai , Chevrolet/Daewoo and Pontiac on RW4 etc.

Silca T39 (Hyundai & Kia - 80 bit)) Carbon production chip

SIL-T39 - In Stock
For production to programme 80 bit (Hyundai / Kia) on Silca devices.

Silca T41 (Ford - 80 bit) Carbon programming chip

SIL-T41 - In Stock
To programme 4D-63 80 bit (Ford) diagnostically.

Silca T50 Philips Crypto (Niss 41/VAG 42/VAG 44-4W/Peug 45) cloning chip

SIL-T50 - Out of Stock
Philips Crypto ID41/42/44/45 Carbon chip (T28)

Silca T80+ Cloning 80 BIT Ford, Hyundai, Kia/Toyota Carbon chip

SIL-T80PLUS - In Stock
For cloning/programming TX/CR 80 bit (clone on Silca RW4+ & FC+ with M-box)

Silca T128C (Toyota H 128 bit)) Carbon cloning/production chip

SIL-T128C - In Stock
Production/cloning ID7A-39 (Toyota) / ID7A-17 (Subaru ) 128bit on Silca devices.

Silca T49 (Honda - 96 bit)) Carbon cloning/production chip

SIL-T49 - In Stock
For production or cloning PH/CR3 49-1C (NXP Hitag3) on Silca devices (with U-Sno

USE GTI ULTRA - Silca GTI-PRO Carbon Chip 4C/4D/46/8C/80Bit - NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

SIL-GTIPRO - Out of Stock
Silca GTI PRO cloning chip for use with Silca RW4+, RW5 & Smart Aerial+.