Silca Delta MC Multicopy Machine

Copies Ford Chubb (FO19P), Abus (AB32) and Abloy (AY1)

Silca Duo Dual Purpose Cylinder/Mortice Machine

Double carriage for cylinder and mortice keys. 4 way jaw.

Silca Duo Plus Multi Purpose Cylinder/Mortice/Abus/Abloy Machine

Cuts cylinder and mortice keys plus Abus/Abloy keys with no addional accessories

RST TM800 Dual Purpose Cylinder/Mortice Machine

Dual Purpose Machine to allow duplication of Mortice/Cylinder & Abloy. DUO

SKS Cyclone (101B) Dual Purpose Cylinder & Mortice Machine

Economical, easy to use, lightweight. Cuts cylinder and mortiice (lever cuts)

SKS Cyclone Plus (101BL) Dual Purpose Cylinder & Mortice (+ Rim/Safe) Machine

Easy to use, lightweight. Cylinder and mortiice (lever cuts, and long length)

Keyline FALCON Abus Machine (with 02 jaw)

KEY-KMF008 - Out of Stock
Cuts Abus Granit keys to number. Jaws also available for Ford Tibbe & Abloy.