Mens Heels

The popular range of BENCHMARK mens heels in both 12iron and 16 iron remain firm favourites. Other popular heels are QUADS, Y GRIP, JR CONTINENTAL, GOODYEAR COMMANDO, as well as SIGNATURE and KENSINGTON 1/4 RUBBER heels.

Ladies Heels

We offer a range of top-pieces suitable for ladies shoes to suit all requirements for quality and price. From our BUDGET 4 x 4 tops through BELVOIR up to TRIPLE X, all heels have been tried and tested.


We stock a range of quality leather, PVC and resin soles.

Stick on Soles

We have a Stick on Sole to suit all your requirements. Benchmark V Rib, Indepoendant, Y Grip and Solo stick on soles have been tried and tested over many years and represent excellent value for money.

Toe Pieces

Mens and ladies resin toe pieces (skived)

Sheet & Strip

Quality Strips for 4 X 4, Super Gold and Comtesse. Sheets for Indiana, Topy Strong, Rug and Varese.

Yankee Wax

Yankee wax in black, dark brown or neutral.

Adhesives for Shoe Repair

Bonds and adhesive for the shoe repair trade - top brands include Bondfast, Plastifix, Bostik and Renia.


Abrasive for the shoe repair trade - including Naumkegs, Breasters, Spirabands, and Coils.

Bags, Tickets & Accessories

Bags and tickets purposely designed for the shoe repair trade.

LAST OF STOCK Vitamin Mens Heels (Black) Size 5 7mm (Sold in pairs)

SHO-HVIT5 - In Stock
Sold as a single pair or pack of 10 pairs. HVIT5