Keyline CK100 (4C/4D/46) Carbon cloning chip

KEY-CK100 - In Stock

Fits case only (pod) keys Cloning Texas & Philips (Crypto) on Bianch 884/Mini

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Keyline CK100 CARBON Chip for cloning Texas (4C), Texas Crypto (4D) and Philips Crypto (46) on the Bianchi 884 Ultegra Decryptor & Mini

Rewritable and Battery-less

Keyline’s evolution is called Micro Series!

The small dimension chip (same size as T5/7935 chips) is designed to quickly and easily clone a wide range of automotive car, motorbike and truck keys.

CK100 for cloning keys with Philips® Crypto (ID46), Texas®
Crypto (4D) and Texas® fixed code (4C) transponders.

CKM carbon chips perfectly fit into Pod Keys, some remotes and Keyline
TKXXGE heads equipped with the proper adaptor.

Full compatibility with Keyline cloning devices, 884 Decryptor
Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra.

Resistant, versatile and capable to clone the widest range of car keys with transponders:
the new Micro Series keeps offering opportunities to all Automotive Specialists.

Micro dimensions, for Maximum cloning!