Rover YWX101220 2 button remote Lucas 17TN (433Mhz)

Genuine Rover. To suit Mini, 25, 45, 100, 200, 400, MGF and MGZ. (NWKS8)

Copy Rover 1 button remote 418mhz Mini, Metro, Discovery 92-96

Copy remote to suit Mini, Metro (1993-95) MGRV8, Discovery (1992-96) Range Rover

Rover/MG YWX00360 3 button Pektron remote (with bar code) Special order

Genuine Rover. Supplied with bar code for programming. AKRM106

Copy Rover 2 button remote with barcode 75, MG ZT <05, Mini R50/R52

Aftermark. With barcode. Chip required 7935 (Eeprom) MN75-43