Icopy-X10 Smart Chip Duplicator/Encrypted Reader - NFC Key Clone Programmer

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Icopy X10 Smart Chip Duplicator Encrypted Reader Copier NFC Key Clone Programmer-NWK-ICOPY-X10

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* Supports more types of cards including t the writing of some non-networked CPU cards.
* Supports some Encryption cards of T5577 (this is a huge technical update, other machines on the market cannot at present, however the operation is more complicated, and it needs to go to the access control card reader for detection.
* Supports writing encrypted IC cards into most android nfc mobile phones.
* Card package function: Decrypted or imported cards can be stored in the machine, and the data can be directly transferred to make cards later.
* To maintain the technical advantages, the machine will continue to be upgraded online in the follow-up, including but not limited to functional enhancements, increased software functions, and more language operations.
* Interface: USB

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