NW Keys Transponder manual 2018 (PAPER COPY)

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Unique to NW Keys Includes cross ref, parts images Listed by make, model & year.

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2018 edition
Fully updated - bigger and better than ever before!!


The ultimate car key application guide, produced and sold exclusively by NW Keys.

A comprehensive guide to over 80 vehicle manufacturers. Search by make, model and year for chip (specific to cloner or programming), empty case, blade, remote, battery, Mr Li Pick, repair case plus much more.

Oem references listed for genuine and remote keys.

Please note we are now charging for this manual due to an increase in printing costs and a much longer production time.
A cheaper version is available on USB or you can get a FREE COPY of the paper manual with orders over £100 (add to your order and we'll zero the price before despatch).